The Rockstar GF- Meet Rina

Marina, Better known as Rina (or THE Rockstar Girlfriend of Twitter), is an It-girl from São Paulo. A magnetic personality, and not to mention an exquisite taste for luxury. I and 37.8K of her followers adore her passion for high fashion and music. On Thursdays, right before the weekend, I put on the Upper East Side playlist, curated by the one and only-Rina on Spotify, and visualize myself having the best weekend with my girls decked out in YSL mini dresses and Versace boots, or imagining going on a date dressed in “platform shoes because they make me [Rina] taller, something see-thru or very shiny.” This outfit is paired with a “Rockstar boyfriend” of course, as they are “the perfect accessory to [wear] something bolder, and experiment with different textures and fabrics.” Rina’s playlists are perfect for daydreaming and getting you in the mood for living your best life and it comes as no surprise that she would “like to be known as the girl who daydreamed too much and accidentally manifested everything she always wanted.” With each perfectly crafted playlist, Rina does just that, “the playlist I listen to the most is called ‘POV: You’re in a Coming-of-Age Movie’, I put it on while I shower. But my favorite one is called ‘city girl’ because it truly reflects my personality and what I listen to when I need to feel more comfortable or confident. My top 3 songs on there are Piece of Me by Britney Spears, Donatella by Lady Gaga, Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani.” Living out her dreams through music, Rina remains grounded and in touch with reality, “Not gonna lie, Covid [19] set my plans back a couple of years and it also made me question the certainty of life, how can we be sure of where we’ll be, how we’ll be or who we’ll be in 5 years? Still, I hope to be somewhere better, physically and emotionally.” “When I was younger, I had a clearer [vision] for [where I would be in five years], I thought I had everything figured out. Right now, being an extroverted and extremely people-person, it is draining to not be around friends and among crowds of strangers. So firstly, I hope I’ll be somewhere crowded, maybe at a concert or in a busy street during rush hour. I want to be so busy I don’t have enough time to think of silly things. I want to be about to publish the 9th issue of my magazine, Frenezi. I want to be happy, maybe with a lover, maybe by myself. I want to be living abroad, meeting new people, kissing strangers, and writing short stories about my adventures.” Also, possibly being stalked by the paparazzi with her Rockstar boyfriend. “But for now [being a] journalism student is fine. If you follow Rina on Twitter, you can’t help but like and retweet every single one of her posts whether it’s fashion related or her dramatically critiquing the wardrobe and casting of the latest Netflix series, “I think my favorite hit tweet has to be the one about the Winx Club live-action adaptation on Netflix. I wasn’t expecting the tweet to get so much attention, I was a little shocked, to be honest. It’s my favorite because it relates a lot to me personally, the cartoon is something I grew up with, something that is partially responsible for my love for fashion now, so creating a conversation around it is super exciting. As to what it says about my personality, I think it shows a few of my fashion influences and why I might be overly dramatic at times.” Being part of high-fashion twitter means getting overly excited to see your favorite designers’ new collections. “Currently I’m most excited to see what Nicola Brognano brings to Blumarine, I feel like he speaks to the young public and translates what the youth wants to see in fashion today, his collections are a breath of fresh air during fashion week. I know if I’m disappointed with every other fashion show, his designs will remind me why I love fashion so much. To me keeping up with designers and the whole industry is about finding something you identify with, something the excites you, something that makes you feel like a kid opening Christmas presents, the current Blumarine [collection] does that to me.”
A Rockstar GF Outfit
As much our It-girl turns head-over-heels for designers like Blumarine there are still parts of the industry, fashion as well as music, Rina feels should evolve, like “Opportunity. If I were in a position of power in any industry, I would like to offer more opportunities to small creatives, especially black creatives and other creatives of color. Usually, the people high up don’t want us in those spaces, so if I got there, or better yet when I get there, I’d like to allow people like me to succeed and make a name for themselves as I did.” Despite the limited opportunities in this industry, Rina has one rule to live by to meet her goals and get to where she’s destined to be: “Do it even if it scares you”  

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