International Women’s Day- The Four Women that Shaped Me

     Happy women’s day to wonderful women around the world. To celebrate, I want to give a notable mention to the women who unknowingly played a part to shape my aesthetics, taste for elegance, curiosity in arts, and the audacity to never stop daydreaming.      From musicians and poets to models and designers, […]

Lovely Lei

    I have had the privilege to be on social-media mutuals with Morgan, the London-based fashion student, and designer of 013lei. Every post or outfit detail video on TikTok provides us with fresh inspiration on ways to revamp and have fun with our clothes. My personal favorite is Morgan’s signature dual-color ribbon ballet flats. […]

Sleeping Beauty- The Nightgown as Daywear

You are wearing your soft white lace flutter-sleeve peignoir, a pair of tan lace-up leather boots, and heart-shaped sunglasses to grab baguettes at the local bakery. Your flowy gown trails behind your in the light breeze, and you float about the city in a dream-like daze.  In your head, your feet never touch the ground, […]