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Lovely Lei

    I have had the privilege to be on social-media mutuals with Morgan, the London-based fashion student, and designer of 013lei. Every post or outfit detail video on TikTok provides us with fresh inspiration on ways to revamp and have fun with our clothes. My personal favorite is Morgan’s signature dual-color ribbon ballet flats.

     Morgan is in fact a trendsetter and is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion world. With her innovative pieces and trailblazing sense of style, Morgan’s designs are catching the attention of fashion lovers and enthusiasts alike. Her passion for creating unique and daring clothing has already earned her a reputation on High-Fashion-Twitter as one to watch in the world of high fashion, evidenced by the constant sold-out items after each new release (still waiting for my fave items to be back in stock).

      Morgan was able to carve time out of her busy schedule, between school and running her own business, for a short interview. In this interview, we learn how her commitment to personal style and making personal connections is the driving factor of her beautiful designs.

Angel -What inspired your brands and your style? Tell us about your favorite outfit or piece you created.

Morgan – I think, when it comes to my brand, I am my own inspiration. – I pretty much became more serious about making clothes for myself because I had nothing to wear.  My brand is very much a reflection of myself for that reason! The most intimate and personal piece I’ve created and my absolute favorite would have to be my ‘Parasitic’ dress. I handmade this dress from scratch including the textile detail! I wore it out in public for the first time recently, and it felt like I accomplished my mission of making clothes for myself that I actually like.

A– What core values do you hope to communicate to your clients

M– With my brand 013lei  I want to communicate the passion and love that I pour into each piece. I want the 013lei customer to feel a part of whatever this little journey in my life is. A lot of big brands don’t really take the time to tailor to their customers’ needs or make them feel valued and special unless they have a high societal status. So I hope that when you open a 013lei package you are able to feel and see that connection between me and you and not merely a soulless piece of cloth.

A – Tell us about your most memorable experience at fashion school

M– My most memorable experience at fashion school would be the general feeling of getting to be around people who I respect, my friends, and working around them in the same room. I find it very motivating, and a lot of fun. Most of the time the environment created between us was so intimate and unserious. I think being surrounded by your peers, even if you do not share the same genre of interests, can have many benefits for a creative person. When I think back to fashion school my mind instantly drifts to the times I shared with my friends, messing around and creatively making the most fun out of stressful situations.

Lei’s Parasite Dress

A– What can we expect to see from your brand in the next five years

M– Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I’ll be doing something awesome with 013lei or maybe it won’t even exist anymore! I always say that my dream is to be a personal fashion designer for myself and all of my friends and have them wear my silly little pieces, so even if it’s just that, I’ll still be content. I don’t want to just be sticking to one thing, I want to indulge in absolutely everything I can, so I can hope that that’s what I’ll be doing in the future, whether it’s through 013lei in the spotlight or in the dark by myself! But whatever happens, long live 013lei!

Find Morgan on IG: @madhappymorgan and Twitter: @kissmemiyake

       In my personal opinion, I am hoping for the longevity of 013lei. I am excited to see the growth and development of this brand and Morgan’s personal style as she continues to push boundaries and defy convention. Whichever path this incredible designer decides to take, it’s clear that Morgan has a promising future ahead of her in the fashion industry making personal connections. With each unique creation, Morgan will continue to inspire the rest of us to think outside of the box and find our own innovative personal style.





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