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International Women’s Day- The Four Women that Shaped Me

     Happy women’s day to wonderful women around the world. To celebrate, I want to give a notable mention to the women who unknowingly played a part to shape my aesthetics, taste for elegance, curiosity in arts, and the audacity to never stop daydreaming.

     From musicians and poets to models and designers, women have brought unique perspectives and contributed to the rich tapestry of human expression. As a lover of all things romantic, I can say that these women, Jasmine Tookes, Lana del Rey, Beyonce, and Kimberley Gordon, have inspired many individuals, including myself, to appreciate the beauty and power of art, self-expression, and authenticity.

One woman who has helped shape my aesthetics and taste for elegance is Jasmine Tookes. Her classic beauty, effortless style, and grace have become iconic, influencing fashion and lifestyle for this generation. Her performances on Victoria’s Secret catwalk, ad campaigns, Instagram feed, and dedication to wellness have inspired me to work hard and explore all that interests me without feeling constrained or trapped in one niche. Jasmine has graced the red carpets, started her own activewear company, and is a successful Instagram and youtube influencer. She is the epitome of a woman with the stamina and grace to do it all, as she pleases. I am inspired by Jasmine Tookes every day to make wellness my top priority while actively working toward my goals and having fun. Jasmine Tookes a definition of a true model. 

The poet and songwriter, Lana del Rey, is another of my favorites and if you follow me on any other social media platform, you have most likely taken notice of how often I mention or reference her work. Her style is characterized by nostalgia, romantic tragedy, and melancholic tunes that capture the essence of 1950s glamour. Her songs, such as “Young and Beautiful” and “Video games” have earned her critical acclaim and a place among the greats of American lyricists, as well as a permanent place as number one on my top 25 most played songs. Lana’s dreamlike songs and lyrics transport the listener to a world of fantasy where every and anything can be dramatized or romantic. Discovering Lana has inspired many of my mini-research projects to have a better understanding of her historical references and other blues artists, like Nina Simone, and has expanded my knowledge in the space of music.

Another woman who has inspired me to explore culture through the arts is Beyoncé. As a singer, Beyoncé’s work is both personal and political, often exploring themes of identity, gender, and black culture. Her use of vivid and powerful imagery in her videos and stage performances has captivated me and others around the world.  Beyoncé’s dedication to shining a spotlight on those who she feels deserve it has influenced the “Muses” interviews on this blog. Beyoncé has included references to the antebellum south in her videos and collaborated with artists of other genres and even different countries. In addition, through Beychella (Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance) I had exposure to a better understanding of Black American Greek life. Beyoncé’s hard work to perfectly capture her appreciation for culture is both refreshing and inspiring. 

Finally, the audacity to never stop daydreaming is a quality that can be found in many creative women. One such woman is Kimberley Gordon, the designer of the whimsical (and my absolute favorite) clothing line Selkie. Her imagination and determination to bring her vision to life have inspired countless of us playful souls, both young and old. Kimberley’s work has not only entertained and enchanted but also empowered a generation of people to embrace their inner magic and stay true to their inner child. I admire Kimberley as a designer, editorial director, and photographer. (I will for sure talk more about her influence on my style in a later post). From her days as the creative director for Wild Fox, Kimberley has since encouraged me to daydream and live the life of a modern fairytale princess daily.

In conclusion, the contributions of these women to my world are immeasurable, and their influence continues to inspire and shape me today. Whether through their beauty, their creativity, or their playful hearts, these women have left an indelible mark on me, and we are all the better for it. So I will take this national women’s day to celebrate these women and their legacies and continue to be inspired by their example.

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