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Hello Autumn

Summer came to a close signaled by the swan song of cicadas during the late August sunsets and the absence of fireflies. Gone are the days of lounging around in the midday sun and running away from bees and responsibilities.  As the warm season transfers to the other side of the equator, it leaves us with memories of unbearable heat waves and the forgiving rain that followed.  A nostalgia for sweet Sticky hands from the melted ice cream that ended up falling on the sidewalk anyway. With both pleasant and insufferable experiences of the season, some of us never want the summer season to be over. But autumn brings with it its own sets of exciting opportunities for daydreaming and adventure. Before it gets too cold and all the leaves settle on the ground under the first fall of snow.I came up with a list of activities to make this season more magical. And no I’m not including getting yourself a pumpkin spice latte, alternatively, I would highly recommend a chai oat latte with a pump of brown sugar syrup and pumpkin cold foam. Thank me later🤍

  • Set your alarm to music to start your day like the main character of a movie
  • Make your favorite morning beverage in your favorite cup and drink while staring out the window listening to the birds or honking cars and sirens
  • Read at a cafe
  • Take a hot girl walk to the farmers market
  • Buy yourself a small bouquet
  • Have a mini picnic by yourself in the park or near the water
  • Walk in the rain in your favorite coat and umbrella 
  • Paint your nails outdoors and watch the clouds as they dry 
  • Dress up and cook your favorite dinner and put out the nice table settings
  • Choose a cute PJ set and read in bed with a lit candle
  • Shower/bathe with the lights of a lit candle and favorite chill songs 
  • Set a date with a friend to the library 
  • Have a dinner party for one or for 5 with elaborate table settings and candles
  • Go to the museum, chose a piece of art and write down everything it makes you think of
  • Get dressed up to go to bar/cafe to plan your winter wardrobe over espresso martinis

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