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Enchanted by Damsel Elysium

Wearing Simone Rocha

As I sit here, gazing at the clouds and the sunrise shimmering on the nearby skyscrapers, I am entranced to another world by the ethereal music of Damsel Elysium. Their haunting melodies and enchanting voice have captured my heart and soul, making me fall in love with their music.

Damsel Elysium’s music is like a journey to a magical land, where the beauty of nature meets the mystique of the unknown. With each note, they create a world of wonder and awe, where dreams come alive, and emotions run high. Their music is like a love story, filled with passion, longing, and the joys of being alive. I’ve had Shoreline on replay since its release and I still cannot get enough.

But it’s not just their music that sets them apart. Damsel Elysium’s visuals are just as captivating, with stunning imagery that complements their music perfectly adding a flare for the dramatic during live performances that leave audiences mesmerized. I have not had a chance to witness this for myself but from what I have experienced via their Instagram, there is still a healing effect on me. Damsel Elysium has also performed with many well-known artists like FKA Twigs and composed the music for Gucci in a short film featuring Florence Welch from Florence and the machine. 

Wearing: – Angel Chen Studio – Amber Healy, Elza White, and Hazel Gardiner Design -Gucci

Lastly, I should mention, that the main connection of how I stumbled across their music was their unique cool sense of style (noted in my Simone Rocha post). Damsel Elysium is the epitome of the modern-day romantic, with an edgy and enchanting look. Their outfits are a fusion of Victorian and contemporary fashion, with corsets, lace, and leather all blended seamlessly together. This explains how Simone Rocha and other similar designers perfectly fit with their wardrobes. 

In a world where so much music sounds the same, Damsel Elysium stands out as a true original. Their music is a breath of fresh air, a reminder that there is still beauty and magic in the world. With their amazing music, dramatic visuals, and incredible sense of style, Damsel Elysium is a true romantic, capturing our hearts and imaginations with every note.

Wearing: -Miu Miu -Thom Browne -Dracula costume

All Photos are from Damsel Elysium Instagram. 

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