Hello Dreamers,

Welcome to Daydreams in the City. A blog used to embark on my journey to learn and explore my interests and their influence on my personal style and daily life.  I aim to share with you my many different sources for inspiration through various mediums such as fashion, art, films, music, and books.

My goal is to inspire you, as my readers, to pull inspiration from the little things in life to live out your daydreams anywhere. I’ve learned you do not have to move to a secluded countryside to live your desires cottage core lifestyle with puff dresses and picnics. And you don’t have to be in a big city to be the it-girl you dream to be (at myself).  We can start now, right where we are. My hope is that with every post you read you chose to romanticize and appreciate the now and create all the magic you want to see and feel.

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